Care and Services

Common Services

Nurse assisting elderly lady

Day Habilitation

This service provides our clients assistance to improve self-help, socialization, and life skills necessary to live successfully in the community and to fully participate in community life. Individualized activities are consistent with achieving the outcomes identified in the person-directed plan and are designed to reinforce therapeutic outcomes targeted by other service components, school, or other providers. This is normally provided in a group setting on a regular basis, but can include support for in-home day hab with the goal of transitioning to the group setting.

Two patients sitting in a table in a Group Home

Supervised Group Home Services

Group home services allow staff to work with the client in their home to support and encourage and individual's ability to perform functional living skills and other activities of daily living. Foster care companion may be provided to a client in their own home after the age of 18 or outside of natural home at any age. Supervised living is provided in a 3-bed group home setting.

Host Companion Care

Host Companion Care

Like with day habilitation, a family member or other volunteer may choose to open up their home to provide living assistance to recipients in need.

Nurse taking care of a patient for a day

Respite Care

If you need a day off from taking care of your family member to relax, attend to an emergency, or take care of unexpected circumstances, we are available to help out from a few hours to several days as needed.

Professional and Technical Support

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Supported Employment & Employment Assistance

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Skilled Nursing

Dentist checking patient on a chair

Dental Treatment

Therapist evaluating patient sitting on a sofa

Behavioral Support

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Supported Home Living & Transportation

Social worker visiting patient for assessments

Social Work

Patient utilizing tools to develop better mobility

Occupational Therapy

Physical therapist helping patient recover mobility

Physical Therapy

Speech therapist making face and hand gestures to help patient recover speech skills

Speech Therapy

Nutritionist creating meal plans, vegetables sitting on table

Dietary Services

Hearing aid being placed on ear


Therapist holding cards with different shapes to help patient recover cognitive skills

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Person's hand on a hand rail

Accessible Minor Home Modifications

Person using a cane

Adaptive Aids

Items packed in boxes inside house, ready to be moved

Transition Assistance (TAS)

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